Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning for an A.I. is a function where the Artificial Intelligence is able to learn on its own. This type of learning is done through a process of becoming similar to a human brain and make decisions based on observations that it is exposed to.  

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies

  Artificial Intelligence development progress is ongoing. A.I.s have continued to be created and were developed to help humanity find solutions or offer them assistance. There are strong indications Artificial Intelligence is moving, quickly but not as fast as people may think.  

Future Job Loss potentials due to Artificial Intelligence

Future Job Loss potentials due to Artificial Intelligence. Concerns about potential effects for Jobs in Future because of AI  

Introducing Nikola, the emotional android kid

   Researchers have made an android child named Nikola that successfully conveys six basic emotions, happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust. Facial expressions are generated by moving 'muscles' in Nikola's face. This is the first time that the quality of android-expressed emotion has been tested and verified for these six emotions.